Hair, Make-Up and Nails: How to Save Time, Money and Energy While Being Kind to Nature


Cut out all chemicals.  Stop using store products.  Either use edible stuff (foods) or water or a combo of the two.  You Tube has lots of guidance on this.  You can start by looking up “no shampoo”.


Stop wearing make-up.  Even using an eyelash curler.


Stop messing with your nails.  Keep them clean and at a comfortable length.


In the area of hair, make-up and nails, here is the totality of what I use:

  1. one pair of fingernail clippers (works on me for fingernails and toenails)
  2. one egg once a week (I wash my hair with the yolk and do a face mask with the white)
  3. a clear glass mug for the yolk (shampoo)
  4. a clear glass mug for the white (facial mask)
  5. a tall glass of filtered water to rinse yolk out of hair (which I plan to increase to 4 cups of water for the future)
  6. 2 combs:  one wide-toothed comb for wet brushing and one narrow-toothed comb.  I have two others as back-up.
  7. a tad of olive oil if my hair is fly-away or a bit dry
  8. a hair dryer for when I choose to style my hair or when I’m feeling too cold
  9. black ponytail holders and little clips

Arriving here has all been a progression.  It’s been a matter of needing to be chemical-free and as harmless to nature (chemical-free, packaging and processing) and my body as possible.  Along the way, when faced with issues of change, I have asked myself the same questions at many junctures:

“Why am I doing this?”

“Is it to please anybody?”

“Is it to go along?”

“Is it to be like everybody else?”

“Is it so that no one will make fun of me for being different?”

“Is it so that I don’t feel ugly?”

“Is it so that others won’t see me as ugly or inappropriate?”

All those people-pleasing, go-along-with-society questions have had to be processed within me over and over.  I am still in the process, fine tuning, desiring to take the next step.  

With my hair, I want to get to the point of washing with filtered or distilled water only.  That could eliminate two glasses and one egg.  I only started doing the mask because I didn’t want to waste the egg white. 🙂

I also want to not have any need for the hair dryer, even though I rarely use it.  Given that my non-food, carried material possessions are contained in a knapsack and a duffle bag (I got there!), a bulky hair dryer is a big deal.  I also like to minimize my dependency on electricity.

It is possible to have practically no expenses with hair, make-up and nails, but more important than that, it’s possible to live in total integrity with nature in these three, often-complex, frequently-time-consuming, money-hogging, nature-harming and energy draining areas.

If you’re game, it doesn’t have to happen all at once.  Small intentions and small steps really do add up over time to often create whole new lifestyles.


4 thoughts on “Hair, Make-Up and Nails: How to Save Time, Money and Energy While Being Kind to Nature

  1. You go girl! I have been experimenting with natural shampoos, no poo, and water only washing over the last few months. I wanted to just get to water only, but now I got back to using shampoo and conditioner (only natural though). So hard! It’s more of an internal work than outward when you change the way you beautify. It’s amazing how much time and effort we put into ‘primping.’ I have a long way to go but am still proud of using natural shampoo and conditioner and also natural cosmetics! Jealous you live out of a bag though – sooooo awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. Hippish! LOVE hearing from you. “It’s more of an internal work than outward when you change the way you beautify.” Perfectly put. Yeah, it is amazing how much time and energy goes into primping. I find it also amazing how much energy and time the process of simplifying takes — kind of like deprogramming stuff and the mind all at once. I’m proud of you too!! Keep on keeping on!


      1. I need the inspiration this Monday morning, that’s for sure haha! I spend entirely too much time and money on primping, and sadly when I step back and take a look at myself — it doesn’t even make that much of a flippin’ difference, and really; no one else is paying attention because they are too busy worrying about themselves. Keep on finding yourself and following your heart! That, my friend, is the happy path 🙂


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