“Studies Show That Coffee is Overwhelmingly Beneficial for Our Health”. Is That So?

There is no lack of write-ups praising the marvelous benefits of coffee.  I just came across a Tweet from @HealthRanger linking to the following article:  “Studies show that coffee can boost brain function, burn fat and more”.
The Tweet reads,
Studies show that is overwhelmingly beneficial for our health:
 Oh, really?

Whenever I drink even the smallest amount of coffee…

  • I wind up with tremendous eye pain, which works its way into migraines that last for days.  (I got scared straight once I read that coffee can cause exfoliation glaucoma and blindness.)
  • Coffee also dehydrates me, ages my face overnight and makes my face a sallow color.
  • Coffee makes my body hold onto fat, especially belly fat.
  • Consumption of coffee immediately excites my nervous system.  The palpable signs are repetitively blinking my eyes, increasing the tightening and clenching of my jaw during the day and exacerbating my teeth grinding while sleeping.
  • Within a day or two of consuming coffee, I suffer from irritability, aggression and high degrees of emotional sensitivity.


I struggled with my relationship with coffee for years.  I used it to keep me awake on the road when I was sleep deprived.  I used it to comfort me; to quell anxiety; to get me through rough and dull patches; to make me feel “cool” and “with it”; and to enhance the fun and excitement of social moments or dates with myself in cafes.

I used coffee to pound out dance choreography when deadlines were looming.  I didn’t believe in myself enough to create without a crutch.

I used coffee as a drug when I was working as a publishing consultant to enhance the fun and feeling of it all, as well as peak my mental alertness.


I tenaciously clung to the lures and tastes of coffee, year after year, despite the pain and despite the consequences to my body, mind and, ultimately, relationships.

Finally, my body’s glaring red lights won out and now I abstain from coffee.  While coffee seemed to help me and make me happy in the moment, in the end the long-term effects made it no longer worth it.

Am I an anomaly, or are these types of physiological reactions more prevalent than is reported?

I’d bet on the latter.


Article:  “New Study Links Caffeinated Coffee to Vision Loss”


4 thoughts on ““Studies Show That Coffee is Overwhelmingly Beneficial for Our Health”. Is That So?

  1. The debate about whether or not coffee is healthy is endless. Do/did you drink your coffee black or with additives? I drink a mug every morning, and I know I’m addicted. If I miss my one mug I get a terrible headache by noon that involves all kinds of pain and nasea. However, it might also depend on the brand/brew/bean type. I notice that some brands of coffee has different effects on me. I’ve stuck with one, home brewed brand which I drink black and I enjoy it. Even though I know I’m addicted….

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    1. I’ve had it every which way. I think that the effects are exacerbated when there are chemicals added to flavor and sweeten — and, of course, make it taste incredible. My symptoms didn’t come overnight. Until a couple of months ago, I had drank it for about 25 years. Man, how time flies. So I guess the intolerance was a gradual building up. All I can say is I’m jealous. 🙂


      1. Oh wow, I wouldn’t expect an intolerance to show up after so long. I guess the only bad part of it for me is that it’s mandatory every morning so avoid the headache.


      2. Destruction is usually something that builds up over time. It has this way of creeping up. You can kick it if you want to. Maybe reducing little by little while increasing your consumption of filtered water and packing on nutrient-rich live foods, which you may already do. If you want support, I’m here.

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