You Got Rid of Your Stuff! So Now What? — Life Beyond and Beneath Minimalism


You got rid of your extra stuff.  Woohoo!  You are now officially a minimalist.

Sure, your world is lighter, and it feels great.  You have arrived.

But wait!  Why does it feel kind of weird, like maybe nothing has truly changed?  Why does something feel amiss?  Off-kilter?

At first glance, it doesn’t make sense.  Once we’re pared down, aren’t we supposed to feel transformed?  Aren’t our lives supposed to have radically changed?  Wasn’t that — isn’t that? — the promise for all our hard work with simplifying?

But think about Buddha.  He didn’t really get going on his adventure until he got down to his Buddha bowl.  Once he got his material world down, he freed himself up to do his thing.  Same goes with Peace Pilgrim, Mother Teresa and Jesus’ twelve guys.  Their letting go of the physical freed them up for living their paths.

In a way, that kind of sucks for us, because it means more work.  It means that now that we have climbed Mt. Everest, the only thing left for us to do is fly.  And by fly, I mean to learn to soar from within.

But where are the road maps?  What kind of eyes do we need to see and address what’s in our inner world?  Can we somehow make the intangible tangible and manageable so that we can get to work on our insides?  Can we find ways to not only advance within ourselves, but also to be able to measure and guide our advancement?  And can we do it without using anything fancy?

I think so.  It will just require different tools, including a distinct kind of compass.


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