But I Just Bought It

“But I just bought it.”  

“So what?  Get rid of it anyway.”  

“But I … JUST.  BOUGHT.  IT.”  

“So what?  Get rid of it.  It’s weighing you down.”  

“Do you have any idea how much it cost?”

“So what?  Get rid of it.  Learn from the experience.”  

I dutifully comply, cutting my losses.  Peace ensues.


2 thoughts on “But I Just Bought It

  1. I agree that it can be very hard to get rid of the things we most very much cherish, or those we just got thinking they were the solution only to find out we just got for ourselves an extra load.


    1. “…thinking they were the solution…” I think that you touched in on a really important key: determining what is truly a solution and what is not. That really takes a lot of wisdom and maturity. 🙂 It often seems to be one of those one-step-forward and two-steps back processes.


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