Minimalism Mission: One Knapsack, One Carry-On, One Suitcase and One Body

This is what I’m grappling with: being able to able to store and transfer everything I own within these parameters:

One Pink Knapsack
One Pink Carry-On
One Black Suitcase
One Clothed Body (mine)

All my stuff (besides a few things in the car) is within the confines of this bedroom that I have to myself. There is nothing under the bed and nothing of mine in the closet. All the drawers are empty, with the exception of one, in which I hold dried foods.

The carry-on is snuggly packed with books and essential papers. The suitcase is open and packed. The knapsack is in good shape too. The clothes that I will be wearing during travel are set aside and tucked into a corner in a couple of bags.

Sounds good, right? But there’s extra stuff cluttering the room, things I need to make decisions on. Limited space. Decision-making challenges. Taking one item at a time and consciously processing it.

Tedious. Exciting. Even thrilling.

I am determined to get this done today so that I can move forward in vital other areas of my life.

My tenacity in this area of living is a stark contrast to my lack of tenacity in other areas. This dichotomy never ceases to perplex me.

Beyond the perplexity of this contrast is wonderment. Who can I become as a result of the decisions I am making and actions I am taking today? Will they ground me and strengthen me so that I can now take on the world and my dreams with renewed confidence, empowerment and vigor?


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