Minimalism without Contentment

Minimalism without contentment.  Is it just as much a trap as accumulation?

If we worry and fret over not reducing enough, if we are unable to or refuse to acknowledge our progress and how far we have come, are we not still in the same position of discontentment?

Is it possible to minimize to the point of owning only what we can carry on us, and yet still experience lack?

In such case, perhaps it is time to pause, sit back, observe and question ourselves.

“When will it be enough?”  And on that note, “When will I be enough?”

When will we have so little that we become satisfied enough?

If we can’t be satisfied now, exactly where we are, then when can we be satisfied?

If we cannot be at peace or content with what is, no matter its contents, what chance of peace will we have when we actually “arrive” at our destination?

And if one day we actually “arrive”, will we even recognize it?  Or will we just poo-poo the arrival and snub our noses at it as we raise the bar even higher?

Sometimes minimalism can look and feel more like a thematic exercise in personal S&M than a path to enlightenment.


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