Paring Down to the Essence

Sometimes we need to pare down to the essence to see beyond the fog.

Anything that we hold onto can become a hindrance and a liability.

In minimizing, the challenge often lies in looking beyond the excess to the “Why’s?”


“Why do I have this item?  This belief?  This account?  This relationship?  This habitual way of acting?  This character trait?  This engrossing pull towards this or that activity, person, speech pattern or thought pattern?”

“Why am I holding on even though it brings me down and serves as a barrier to what I truly want and who I can become?”

“Am I not allowing myself to let it go because of what it cost me?  Or because of a sense of duty or obligation?”

“Do I hold on out of an entrenched need for security and see this as what keeps me safe and sound?  And at what cost?”

“…Or is it that I can’t figure out just the right person or organization to give this to? — or just the right thing to say to catalyze a shift… or where to go from here if I let go?”

“What if all that remains is a void and I’m left with empty space and nothing to immediately do with it?”

“What if, in letting it or him or her go, I no longer have that identity to cling to?”


In response I ask myself, “How long have I held on and what have the results been?  What has been the price?”

“What is the cost to my psyche and my soul for holding on?  Is it now worth it?”

“Who could I be — who could I become — were it not for this?”


And then, upon gaining a bit of clarity and reactivating my resolve,  I get up and return to the path of re-positioning my world.


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